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4 definitions by Nards

result of consuming an abundance of Taco Bell. May require the act of opening car windows.
Bridget! That chalupa gave you massive gas!
by Nards March 12, 2003
342 302
Game Time Decision...a last minute decision depending on the overall situation.
person 1: You going to class?
person 2: It will be a GTD.
by nards May 15, 2005
47 29
a scary man who forces one to do laundry and to wash his towel.
Bridget, I cannot go out tonight. The laundry terrorist is forcing me to go to the laundromat and do my laundry and wash his towel.
by Nards March 12, 2003
18 9
A male who participates in extreme activities usually on a random basis. These activites are so out of the ordinary that the male induvidual is said to have "big balls".
"He's the nards is he swallows that fish and chases it with detergent"
by nards May 15, 2005
11 108