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Stands for: I'm Fucked Foundation

A phrase used by Pauly D from the "Jersey Shore Season 2" in regards to Ronnie who hooked up with grenades and proceeded to sleep in Sammie's bed.
Shit man, I'm in the I.F.F. I just cheated on my girlfriend.
by naomis August 06, 2010
Stands for: Grenade Free Nation
Referenced in season 2 of the popular reality tv show, Jersey Shore. It's what the United States should one day become.
Dj Pauly D: Yo Mike, there are grenades everywhere!
Mike the Situation: Why can't we live in a GFN?
by naomis October 26, 2010
pronounced hana-tie-zer
another way to say "hand sanitizer"
yo pass me the hanatizer
sorry man but we used it all last night
by Naomis September 01, 2008
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