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A name for the discount clothing store Primark, derived from combining Armani with Primark to make an ironic word which indicates just how un-designery Primarky is. First heard on TV by Sugar Rush actress Olivia Hallinan.
"My student loan is in so I'm heading down to Primarni for some bargains"

"That's a nice skirt" - "Thanks, it's Primarni"
by NaomieC September 29, 2007
An adjective to refer to someone who exhibits traits associated with the area called The Fens in South East England. Examples include: being related to everyone in the village, pronunciations such as 'pet-eh-rol' and 'moo-sik', living more than ten miles from the nearest bus stop.
"She claims not to be inbred because her mum's family live more than 3 doors down from her dad's family"
"Jeez, have you heard the way she says moo-sik - she's the most fenish person I've ever met"
by NaomieC September 29, 2007

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