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A cross between a twat, plonker and wanker. Not used as a serious insult, more of a friendly, playful insult.
"... and then I fell flat on my face!"
"haha you twonk"
by Naomi Glinn March 21, 2008
a name given to describe the style of private school kids. Think preppy but with that touch of emo. Basically it's those private school kids who think that they are an emo, when really they are not.
A private school girl wearing red nail varnish, and (golly gosh!) eyeliner and taking a picture from a 'myspace' angle and having it as her Bebo display picture with an arrow pointing to it saying "oh I am such an emo!". That is a Premo
by Naomi Glinn March 21, 2008

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