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Note: If you ever hear of GEHIRN, that is the old name for NERV.

The best, most complex anime ever created. It consists of 26 episodes and two movies ("End of Evangelion" and "Death and Rebirth").
To actually understand the series, you need to have watched The End Of Evangelion before the last two episodes, which are extremely confusing; lots of images and ideas thrown at you all at once, whilst the movie breaks them up and helps you to understand.
In the year 2000 the "Second impact" occured, melting the polar ice caps and putting much of the worlds land under sea. As much as half of the worlds population was killed in this event. The dinosaurs were wiped out in the same way, but the event was much bigger, this was the "First impact".
Now the organisation "NERV" is created, by another, (SEELE), to keep a strange race, which we have named the "angels", from causing a "Third impact". NERV created a huge bio-mech called an Evangelion to protect Earth, as conventional weapons are no use against the Angels.
The "pilots" of Evangelion all have to be born after the second impact, which makes them all 14 years old, these are: Shinji Ikari, Asuka Langley Sohryu and Rei Ayanami. The pilots sit inside the Evangelion and "Sync" with it, for example, if the Evangelion is hurt, so is the pilot, but this proves to be an effective method of controlling the Eva.
Impacts are caused by an Angel joining with the original angel, "Adam". The second impact was only small because Adam was in an embryonic state, deliberatly caused my SEELE.
The evangelions are a living thing, and must have a soul. This is very confusing, but I believe that Shinji's mother's soul is in Evangelion Unit 01, Asuka's Mother's in Unit 02 and some part of Rei's conciousness in Unit 00.
This basically concludes the story. Everybody should watch this series, it makes a creepy kind of sense.
We are all seperate because we need each other to live, we reject each other, we use sadness to exist, if we were all dead, harmony would reign, and we would become our original self. You see this original self in the End Of Evangelion Movie.

Note that there are a lot of hidden meanings in this series, see if you can find them all ^_^...

Naoko :)
Damn, it took me 10 rounds of this series to understand this... But... Wow..
by Naoko Karou January 01, 2005
-Great or amazing.-
Mutated from the word "Beast" by North East England alternatives to take the piss out of chores (charvas, townies, really the idiots that hang around on street corners drinking and smoking asking for 10 pence for the busie all night)...
Ah man, that movie last night was a jeest!
by Naoko Karou September 21, 2004

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