2 definitions by Nancy Kerrigan

A situation in which one finds themself that is utterly filthy and so overwhelmingly badass that it deserves to be called Scunion. A situation with no other possible results or outcomes than complete and irrefutable Scunion.
Person 1: Dude, triple overtime?! Filthy scunario my friend!

Person 2: Ya, Scunario better recognize!
by Nancy Kerrigan February 01, 2009
The act of getting absolutely and irrefutably filthy, dirty, sick, nasty, balls deep in complete and overwhelming scunionisity. Composed of sick + crazy + onion.
Pronounced : Scun - yun
Person 1 : "Hey you getting scunion tonight or what?"
Person 2 : "For sure, scunion better recognize."
by Nancy Kerrigan December 31, 2008

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