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A group of four awesome chicks within a larger group of friends that are totally the innermost and coolest of them all. But shhh, their elusive clique remains on the DL. Hashtag, awesome.
Oh my gosh those girls are totally the core four
by Nancy drew December 03, 2013
Money sent or given to hookers by insecure men as payment for future sex

Honey, I won't be in New York until March 29th, so I am sending you 300 Best Wishes. So remember, I will be in NY from March 29th to April 6. Make time for me! Love ya'!
by Nancy Drew March 15, 2008
The purr from the strip club didn't do it for me. She was routine. Next time I am in New York I am going Spitzer-style. Agency purrs are a sure thing for the kink I need.
by Nancy Drew March 17, 2008

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