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A curse word to describe someone who disgusts you with their nasty ways of living life.
Friend: Did you hear about Tina?
Me: That she's a nasty bitchslut?
Friend: Yeah, she fucked some random guy the other day.
by Nanami December 28, 2004
A spelling error of the acronym STFU (shut the fuck up). Usually left alone because using STUFU over STFU is just cooler.
Person 1: STUFU NIGGER~!
Person 2: WTF?
Person 1: You heard me, bitch! PWND!
by Nanami December 28, 2004
v. tr.
1. To have ownage over your opponents.
2. To have superiority over another.

v. intr.
1. To acknowledge your ownage.
Guy 2: Goddamn it! I hate it when I get pineconed!
by Nanami May 22, 2008

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