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3 definitions by Namlhof

Well I do use this word all the time. It's another form of saying hello! Or hello and yo mixed together.
"Heyo Ziplock, let's own this stupid noobs."
by Namlhof December 06, 2003
115 62
A game related to the Megaman seriese owned by Capcom. The game solely revolves around internet or internet properties. Lan (main character) sends his program, or Net Navi, Megaman.exe, into certain objects to stop net hacking/crime.
Capcom has released a new game for the Megaman Battle Network seriese.
by Namlhof June 28, 2003
33 13
Ziplock is a nice guy. He will share his hotwings with you (if he likes you). Can usually be found wearing a purple wizard hat (Ziplock is not a nerd though). Ziplock is also my best friend.
"Ziplock is atleast two times better then that other guy."
by Namlhof January 04, 2005
17 23