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Funny ass guy on youtube that has his own internet site.
He wears fake teeth alot and continually talks about his man boobs and his belly and how about he wants internet attention. He posts alot of videos about how he doesnt give two shits about the world and hes fucking hilarious.
omg mr.pregnant doesnt have his shirt on

Lol he never does.

I got titties like a woman!

Big belly man.
by namino neitou sama November 27, 2007
A badass song that is like really cool and its in a movie.

Coolness and very sexy I love that song secret asian man.

SECRET asiaaann man!! secret asaainn man sexret assian man.
by namino neitou sama October 12, 2007
Having one's ass stuck to a chair
or in bumble foots song chairass
Jerry has such a chairass!

have you heard the solo in bumble foot's song chair ass?
by namino neitou sama August 21, 2007
a bionary penis or better known as a parody of bioshock
Oh my god did you see that guys biocock?
by namino neitou sama August 21, 2007
A song made by a person named Alex

Its very cool and its very basic but it still sounds good.

Theres a bunch of variations on it and soon there will be a rock version of it.
"Im a pirate! A motherfucking pirate!"

-holy shit the pirate song is awesome!
by Namino neitou sama October 15, 2007
A new song released by Lostprophets on their album "Liberation Transmission."
Possbily the best song ever made by them.
Standing on the rooftops everybody scream your heart out!
This is all we got now everybody scream your heart out!
by namino neitou sama November 20, 2007
A mexican way to say Jason its commonly said amongst those with a thick accent.
Chicano: "Have you see Jason around here?"
Chicano w/thick accent:"No I ave not seen yayson."
by Namino Neitou Sama August 27, 2007

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