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1. To wander aimlessly.
2. To wander around preparing to eat.
3. To wander around eating.
When I go to the fair I just mobulate around.
by NamelessKiller April 29, 2009
To tell a twisted tale that ought to be taken with a grain of salt.
Person A: Did you hear what she said?
Person B: Yeah, but she tends to speak pretzel so you can't believe it.
by NamelessKiller August 20, 2015
A donut
Did you eat one of those bodanchors in the lunch room?
by NamelessKiller February 13, 2013

n. A parasitic disease of many animals, including cattle, swine, sheep, dogs, cats, and poultry, but rarely of humans, resulting from infestation of the alimentary canal by protozoans of the order Coccidia.
My dog has coccidiosis.
by NamelessKiller December 14, 2007
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