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1 definition by Nameless citizen

Small town in central California 15-30 miles from ANYWHERE. Population- 9,000- 92% Mexican, 4% elementary students, 2% cows, 2% other. Amenities- uncountable Mexican markets, one Liberty Market, three elementary schools, two junior high schools, one highschool, three fast-fooderies (NEW!) A&W/Long John Silvers combo and Subway, three gas stations, public library which is also the high school library. Any entertainment is ten miles away in Turlock, 30 miles away in Modesto, or 30 miles away in Merced.
Someone: Why are you late?
Me: I live all the way down in Delhi, it takes me a half hour to get here!
Someone: ........Delhi.....?....what's that...?... O.O
Me: ...Don't ask...
Someone: ......
by Nameless citizen April 13, 2008
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