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A horrible disease usually found in skunks and bats. the disease causes the infected animal horrible pain, and eventually, if the animal has hair, it will go bald. Animals with rabies do not foam from the mouth, but instead they continuously drool. The disease affects the animal by attacking and destroying the nervous system of the infected animal.
rabies can be spread through spit. often, when an animal is toward the end of its life with rabies it will attack any living thing it sees, spreading rabies more. if a human contracts rabies, they are given a huge, painful shot for six days during the 14 day incubation period.
you can tell if nocturnal animals have rabies because they will be out during the day because they can't sleep due to the pain they are experiencing.
if a skunk has rabies, it will lose its fur and you can see that it's tail is just a rod like thing.
by Naleilei September 06, 2005
The offspring of a flamingo that has bred with a penguin.
Sid, the dancing penguin, and Giselle, the flamingo, had two baby flaminguins. their names were Francesca and Eduardo.
by naleilei April 27, 2006
A once movie theater in Petaluma, California which is now inhabited by teenagers taking drugs and listening to crappy local bands on Fridays and Saturdays. it's basically the "cool thing" to do, but it's really retarded.
The movie "The Birds" premiered at this theater and someone let birds loose during the movie to scare the audience.
Ashley: "Hey, like, do you want to be super punk and hang out at the phoenix tonight?"
Barbie: "Oh my god. you're so right. we'll be totally punk!"
by Naleilei September 05, 2005
Buttfloss underware. Girls wear them to make themselves look sexy and be "cool", but instead they look like trash especially when it is sticking out of their pants. Contrary to popular belief, they do not prevent you from having a panty line, but just give you a different one. they are basically panties that don't actually cover your ass which defeats one of hte main purposes of wearing underware.
"hey did you see that girl over there? she looks like total trash with her thong sticking out of her pants like that. if i ever wear one of those, shoot me."
by Naleilei September 06, 2005
the most boring state in the USA.
There is nothing to do in Kansas.
by Naleilei April 18, 2005
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