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Step 1:Get a side of your lip pierced(Either left or right, no middle)

Step 2:Cut your hair in the back because "it is annoying" and spike it

Step 3:Get sides cut and spike in the back

Step 3:Take mirror shots(NO SMILES!) scribble on them in paint

Step 4:Wear new balances(Steal your brothers if none available or waiting for them in the mail)

Step 5:Change your social scene

Step 6:Go to shows and hardcore dance

Step 7:Make sure your myspace name is changed to an emo/scene song lyric or song title

Step 8: Don't forget to get the picture of you with your hood up and your hair sprawled(wifted) across your face(MAKE SURE A MINIMUM OF 5 STRANDS COVER YOUR EYE! and preferably take shot where only one eye is showing.
omg ur totally scene now cngrtz!!

Look at that scene kid! he must have followed the eight steps on UD!
by NakedJosh March 29, 2006
To move something into positiion.
Hey steve, why don't you jimmy the couch a little to the left.
by NakedJosh June 19, 2005

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