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Gray fox is a character from the Metal Gear series created by Hideo Kojima.
he was a member of Fox Hound (a mercenary organization) and was killed by Solid Snake during the Outer Heaven incident. After which, he was revived as a Cyborg Ninja.
He was given the codename FOX which is the reserved only for the best Fox Hound members.

Gray Fox:
1. noun;
def: A fictional mercenary from the Metal Gear Series.
2. adjective;
def: a person who is well known for his combat abilities, mastery of martial arts and tactical skills(Snake fans don't usually agree to this).
1. Snake Fan: Dude, Solid Snake is like, THE MOST AWESOME COOL MERCENARY EVER!!!
Gray_Fox Fan: Screw you! Everybody knows that Gray Fox is the BEST!
Gray Fox: Yeah! He'd rape Snake's mercenary butt any day.
Snake Fan & Gray_Fox Fan: !!!

2. Drake: Dude, ever seen Kenji fight? His Kung-Fu and Karate are awesome!!!
Leon: Yeah, he's a total Gray fox.
Drake: A WHAT???
Leon: Check out urbandictionary.
by Naked Snake March 14, 2007
This is almost considered an insult to the character Gray Fox from the Metal Gear Series created by Hideo Kojima.
People who don't like Gray Fox or like Solid\Liquid\Naked Snake better than Gray Fox, insult the great soldier with this to humiliate people who like him.
Gray_Fox Fan: Dude, Gray fox is way better than Solid Snake!
Snake Fan: Yeah, in "Gay Fox's" dreams. What a loozer!
Gray_Fox Fan: Whaaa!!! *runs home crying*
by Naked Snake March 22, 2007

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