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A black, gooey spread, almost a form of yeast extract, allthough far superior, produced by the allmighty Bestfoods corporation(, the only true Marmite being made in England; you really can't eat that shit from sanitarium, I mean the name alone can make you hurl. UUugh). and made, as many will tell you, from second hand brewers yeast. (yum-yum.) THAT is the true reason beer was invented, it was a part of the divine plan to bring the pleasure of Marmite, or Ambrosia, to the world of men.
The term is interchangable with Ambrosia, for it is indeed the food of the gods, though this is little known.
This delectable spread is eaten by some with honey or peanut butter, but the classic recipe is fresh white toast, spread with butter, which must melt swiftly so the Marmite can immediately be administered and then quickly devoured, in time to prepare the other slices of toast before they go cold.
of course, some mortals cannot stand the euphoria that comes with eating this food and say that it is the most revolting thing imaginable, to cover their inability to comprehend such divine fare, and so the human race will forever be divided between the "lovers" and the "haters".

I have travelled this world in my search. There is no substitute.
English fellow: My mate, Marmite.

Foreign Person: Do you really make partnerships with yeasty spreads in this land?

English Fellow: Evidently you have never experienced the true Marmite.
by Naked Henry May 12, 2005
1 The process of engineering an election so that you win, or attempting to do so.

2 A most exellent song from the Radiohead album OK Computer.
1 Most democracies are ruled by the candidates most adept at electioneering.

2 Do you mind if I skip to Electioneering?
by Naked Henry May 05, 2005
Another word for Marmite.

The food of the gods.
Oh baby! Pass me the Ambrosia, it's breakfast time!

and so, once again, (for the Umptillionth time,) the gods dined on Ambrosia and Nectar
by Naked Henry May 12, 2005
A very great, yet indeterminate number, probably greater than a million. as umpteen, but much greater.
Indeed, there are umptillion worlds beyond our own, of which we can only conjecture the properties.
by Naked Henry May 12, 2005
The drink of the gods.

A sugary fluid secreted within flowers to encourage pollination by insects.

Also has some more dicey meanings, which I will leave for others to explain.
Mmm, that mead is as good as Nectar!

If it weren't for nectar there would be no honey.

Aw man, now there's nectar all over my bed.
by Naked Henry May 12, 2005
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