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Term coined for an interaction between two persons in a game situation, where one party is repeatedly the winner. This game is unlike any other dominance solvable two person game because of the fact that it is not a game, in any sense of the word. What makes it a game is the psychological condition of the ‘winning’ player. Due to their unstable nature, the player constantly needs to feel like he is ‘winning,’ even in the most uncompetitive acts like drinking coffee, or watching a play. This feeling could be aggravated if the player has a very attractive parent, and feels the need to prove him/herself constantly. As the game and the win both exist only in the aforementioned player’s psyche, he ends up actually ‘losing’ to those around him. The only way currently known to ‘beat’ such a player is to get his sleeve caught in a door handle. Watching the player flounder around and lose train of thought finally deflates the player, and proves to be hugely satisfying to the wrongly victimized party. This type of psychological mindset is supposed to originate in humans from close interaction with the rodent Najamus Haiderus, who, unsurprisingly, lives life through a string of unsuccessful social interactions.
"Hi Najam what's up?"
"You suck. I win!"
"But I ju-"
"I said I win!"
by Najam December 24, 2004
A psychological disorder exhibited by New York Yankee fans after the Yankees collapse in monumental fashion to the Boston Red Sox. Symptoms include denial, disparaging of the victorious team, contortions of the facial muscles into scowls, and sulking. Pakistani graduate students are particularly severely affected. Symptoms can be enhanced by the wearing of bandanas and Derek Jeter jerseys. Treatments for Haideritis generally include an admission of the inferiority of the Yankees and indeed of one’s own existence. The origin of the term Haideritis is commonly accepted as evolving from ‘hater-itis’, though the term has its true roots in the animal kingdom, as the actions of those suffering from Haideritis resemble those of the rodent Najamus Haiderus.
Some sketchy characters in the Frist Campus Center appeared to be afflicted with Haideritis when the Yankees lost the ALCS to the Red Sox in 2004.
by Najam December 23, 2004
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