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Used to describe a) a person who is so hammered they can't speak, walk, or basically do anything other than puke, or b) a party in which several people are puking all over the place
a) "Shit, Heather was a major slop show last night!"
b) "Hey did you go to Dave's party?"
"Yeah man, there was puke everywhere, it was a total slop show."
#slopshow #sloppy #slop face #pukey pants #pukefest
by Nairnsy27 February 08, 2006
A person who drank way too much then puked either on themselves, on their stuff, on other people, or on other people's stuff.
"Hey did you have fun at Saugeen this weekend?"
"Yeah, but I puked all over Jess and Ashley's room"
"Bahaha Pukey Pants!"
#pukeface #puker #slop show #pukey-pants #pukie
by Nairnsy27 February 08, 2006
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