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this word has been misled in many ways.
stunna usually does mean a person who shows off their material things. But stunna's usually got game.

She's a stunna!!!!!
;refering to the female as sexy and knowing it.
He's a stunna!!!
;refering to the male as a playa with mad looks and mad game.
Friend1:Yo did you check out Carly the other night?
Friend 2: Nah man I didn't get to see her.
Friend1: Haha, you missed out shawty was a stunna.
Friend2: Nawww!!!!!!!
by Nai Dayy September 09, 2010
The name for a girl in whom a player finds affectionate. The only woman he has ever found to be amazing, special etc.
The nickname for a girl in which you got mad love for.
"Hey Daddy", "Sup lil Beezy"

Usually used in situations where the guy and girl have been through something together.

May stem from Baby.
Beezy was most likely founded from "Snoop Dogg's rap language"
"Hey Baby", Translates to "Hey Beezy"
Friend: Yo watsup wit' you and Courtney
Player: I don't know man, shawty is special...
Friend:What? But she aint even the hottest girl you've had?
PLayer: Yeah but man, imma call her "Lil Beezy" you feel me?
Friend:Yeah i feel ya on that one.
by Nai Dayy September 09, 2010

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