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A middle-eastern girl with big brown eyes, dark hair,
and a bright smile. She is constantly mistaked for being persian. She is for the most part good and sweet. She is known throughout the assyrian community and loved. If there's anyone who can dance Sheykhaneh, Its her.
Arbella: Dude, Shamiran is so nice, she helps ppl out anyone who needs her help.
Sargon: classic assyrian girl, always helping out.
by nahrina October 05, 2009
Like Persians, except more strict with their kids.

They love to dance, sing, and literally have a good time.
THey're all christian and generally good people. Assyrians are constantly being persecuted in their homeland Iraq. Assyrian parents literally can sit with each other and talk for hours after everyone else has left, they NEVER STOP.
They love tea and persian food, considereding a number of them grew up in Iran.
Jenny: dude, the neighbors next door hosting that pary are probably Assyrian.

Jonny: oh yah, u can obviously hear that loud middle-eastern music. I bet the cops well come eventually and
tell them to stop dancing and partying.
by Nahrina October 05, 2009

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