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NAFTA or "Nerf Action Football Throwing Activity" is a game involving 2 people standing at a distance of 10 feet from each other, throwing 2 Nerf footballs back and forth at the same time. The nerf balls must be of different sizes!

"Endurance NAFTA" is all about how many times the ball can be thrown back and forth before it is dropped.

"Speed NAFTA" is a test of how many times the ball can be thrown back and forth within a certain time frame (standard is 20 seconds).

All official records are to be documented on video and posted to You Tube or the official NAFTA blog at iplaynafta.blogspot.com.

The world's top quantum physicists have yet to prove that a score of 29 or above is humanly possible in any variation of NAFTA.

Thursday is International Endurance NAFTA Day.

NAFTA lovers are encouraged to contribute to the Official NAFTA blog by posting pictures of themselves playing NAFTA in front of famous landmarks around the world.
"Yo, you want to get in some NAFTA after work?" asked Billy.

"What kind?" inquired Herman.

"How about some Speed NAFTA," Billy suggested.

"Yeah, let's do it. But I need to stop by Wal-Mart first and pick up two different sizes of Nerf balls first," Herman replied.
by NaftaLover May 23, 2007

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