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The "sludge" that accumilates after years and years of "holding it in." Very pasty and can harden over time. Once hardened it requires a large spoon or spatula to get it out.
"He used his spork to clean out his anal sludge during lunch."
by Naes Ttekcup September 20, 2005
When one's man tool or chicken is so massive that it hangs out of one's pants and drags accross the floor leaving a trail of blood and blistering the head and shaft.
"That dude had an abominable penis?"
by Naes Ttekcup September 12, 2005
The act of greasing yourself up and crawling head-first into
a woman's vaginal opening. Usually very bloody unless the proper precautions are taken. Sometimes best down with a running start.
I was exploring the cave last night. That's why I was late.
by Naes Ttekcup October 07, 2005
When you go kaboom! And then you injaculate. You suck all the sexual juices back into your phallic member?
"Did you see Jenny injaculate?"
"Yep, she grabbed a fucking fly when she did it?"
by Naes Ttekcup September 12, 2005
The real life girl who was possessed by demons. She died days later.
"I am the one who dwells withinside Emily Rose?"
by Naes Ttekcup September 12, 2005
When a girl trys to fit an apple all the way down her throat. Usually during a party or dare.
"Did you see that appleslut eat that apple?"
by Naes Ttekcup September 12, 2005
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