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2 definitions by Nadia Karam

A way to disguise one's true desire during sex by calling out the name of another while with a steady. The process was named after New Orleans filmmaker, actor and model Jamal Morelli and is commonly used in the American Bellydance Community to describe cheating in the heart during intercourse.
I saw this hot guy downtown so I went home, got into bed with my husband and it was JAM ALL MORE the whole way.
While he was doing me I was like JAM ALL MORE because I was thinking about my last boyfriend.
by Nadia Karam January 19, 2006
725 52
A dancer who might have swayback or sticks her butt out too far.
Tuck in your pelvis so you don't look like jungle booty mama!
by Nadia Karam January 20, 2006
56 15