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Due to the ultra addictive nation of this online game, I consider one of the luckier of the people who have played this game and have got addicted faster then a crackhead looking for his next fix. I have (for the most part) not fallen for Jagex's evil spell of getting people addicted to it and I have a normal social life. And i am currently passing all my classes in school.

Unfortunately my friend (who introduced me to the game) quit about 5 times and KEEPS COMING back.

I HIGHLY advise if u never played the game, don't start. Take it from a current player of the game

Need proof? Look at all the 36 pages for this word. I haven't read them all yet but almost all the definitions are mostly about how Jagex and their runescape has ruined their lives and has changed it forever.

So please, if 36 pages of definitions doesn't tell you something about runescape, then what the hell will?
Reggie(4 months ago): Man fuck Runescape, that shit was a good waste of 6,000 hours of my life.
Jorge: lol iight man ima still play

*4 months later*

Reggie: yo I just recovered my account....oh shit! I went up 10 levels in mining!!!
Jorge: knew you would come back
Reggie: yeah...this shit is as addictive as heroin.... damn you jagex!!!!!
by NaChOs1210 March 26, 2009

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