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Paterson NJ. Underage Alcohol, Drugs and prostitution ad topless bars can be found here.

Neighboring town to Shag-Lawn
I need to get a 8th take me to P-Town.
by na November 16, 2003
Originated in Canada. It is a shower where two or more males participate in a masturbation session in their own shower stall with the lights off.
I walked inot the shower room, I hit the lights only to find Ian and Adam having their own little power shower.
by NA June 21, 2004
1.) A very confusing, scary person that has difficulty with the English language.
2.) The act of getting crack on your brother Lat's Monitor.
I scary. I am confusing. I am King of the Desert. Lap dances make you crazy. I am the Woman. She's Fast. Don't look at E. when you carry the heavy thing.
by NA April 25, 2003
A traveller who doesn't have a proper residence because:
#1: there homes were taken away,


#2:They choose to live like that.

Whoever said they are loaded, thats complete bullocks, coz if they were they would buy a house with the money.

Gypsies are cool, and aren't dirty and not all of them are Eastern Europeans.

Respect them.
Gypsies Travel around the Globe.
by Na January 10, 2004
A white guy who dates (fucks) a Japanese chick and makes all the little Japanese men jealous.
I'm 38 and still jerking off because of the wapanese.
by na November 27, 2004

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