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1. Character from Conan The Barbarian 2. Individual fanatically obsessed with parachuting dogs, bisexuality, and video games. 3. Moxin's biatch
1. Subotai is a fictional character.
2. Subotai has dreams of parachuting dog video game developers in sexy underwear.
3. Subotai, get me a beer and put on something sexy.
by NA April 30, 2003
Short for:

K ids


anyway, it just means grown ups who still live with there parents.
The British comedy "My Family" has a kipper in it.
by Na January 24, 2004
A region that is under Europe, part of North Africa and the beginning of Asia, but is neither African nor Asian or European.
Arabia, Turkey, Persia
by NA January 10, 2004
Similar to irony, only worse and less subtle.

1. A form of wit intended to make its victim the butt of contempt or ridicule, by saying something when you mean the opposite (the 'victim' should know this, other wise it won't work).

2. Intended to be bitter.

Was once witty, but is now worn out and over-used, which has resulted in losing it's impact greatly.

Is considered a part of 'dry humour' or 'dry wit'.
Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.

"Did you know that the sky is blue?"

"NOOO! You don't say?"
by Na May 04, 2004
The study of human sociable behaviour, origins institutions and developent of human society.
similar to psychology
by Na January 23, 2004
mmmmmmm Na. Na is a word tht you use to taunt people. mmmmmmmmm Na.
mmmmmm Na can be used in such answers from the questions Are you my friend. mmmmmmm Na. U cryin . Did i get you.
by Na April 21, 2005
A man who cuts his genitals off before puperty to prevent his voice from breaking so he can become a male soprano in the choir.

In some parts of India is considered a third sex.
Just explained it.........
by Na January 19, 2004

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