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33 definitions by Na

Hard to define, a certain eliment of style and sophistication in your fashion sense. Almost artisticly stylish (don't ask).
Oh, My God! that vintage Chanel handbag is soooooo chic!
by na February 10, 2004
168 124
one who only eats pussy
by na April 30, 2003
66 29
Not telling it like it is, not telling the truth directly.
Person #1: So, are you really a musician?

Person #2: Well, you see, I've written some songs and uh, a friend of a friend knows this guy who'll can get a record deal and....

Person #1: Come on, stop beating around the bush...
by Na March 30, 2004
81 47
red leaky balls caused by chlamydia.
she sucked my moo berries
by na November 24, 2004
38 9
1:A descriminatory word for someone you don't like, usually a male

2:old slang for A child who hasn't got married parents.
Robert was a bastard both ways
1. he was annoying
2.his parents werent married.
by Na January 21, 2004
64 45
British slang.

Skinny, not having any muscle
I know you think you're hench, but you're not, you're not wide, you're not tonks, you're not built, you're MARGS
by na February 22, 2005
15 5
Australian Broadband News and Forums, a great source to get information on broadband in Australia.
I went to whirlpool.net.au today
by NA November 10, 2003
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