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The thing found only in girls, the thing that makes a female awesome
Gina is so great, she has off the scale poom.
by nz May 29, 2003
A big lovealbe lug who loves to dance
Stefan danced today at school. Someone should punch him, OR SHOULD THEY! The Indeciviness
by NZ July 16, 2004
Having managed to elude the evolutionary process and remain relatively neanderthal throughout the years, the townie has finally plucked up the courage to expose itself to society. The subsequent confusion that they experience in relation to other more intelligent life forms results in the formation of tribes, each with their own *cough* unique identity. It is unsure at which stage the townie started wearing the so called 'shell suit', but the trend has remained ever since - possibly due to the insecurities surrounding 'individual identity'. Although practically indistinguishable, the numerous tribes lend their names to cunning little acronyms such as 'ATL' (against/above the law) amongst others. A common behavioural attribute of the townie is vandalism, the mindless destruction of (amongst others) bins, windows, doors, railings and other articles upon which society 'relies'. Unfortunately for the townie, who strays no further than McDonald's or the local chippy, most of these vandalised items belong to the commune in which they live. The townie asserts it's territory by writing on surfaces with cheap permanent marker (the more colours the better), much like a cat pissing up a wall. If encountered look away,eye contact will only provoke the situation, such is the results of these primeval instincts they still cling to.
"What do you call a townie in a filing cabinet?"

by NZ April 23, 2004
Penile Insertion Potential
The potential of a given man to have sex with a certain girl. If the PIP is low, then sex is unlikely. If PIP is high, then the man will most likely bang her like a screen door in a hurricane.
Al: What's your PIP on that chick over there?
Bill: High. At least 8/10. I'd fuck her until my nuts fell off.
by nz March 11, 2004

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