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The supposed way that all Long Islanders pronouce the name "Long Island." Its mostly made up by NYC residents who like to poke fun at the Long Island accent (which can sound like a mixture of italian, jewish and new englander accents). Despite this stereotype, most people who live on Long Island pronounce Long Island as long-eye-land.
I have lived here for my whole life, 21 years, and I have never said "lawnguyland"
by NyRebel July 15, 2008
It is what it is.

there are simply too many ideas and beliefs that go into being a punk, and as a result, there is no clear definition. However, a strong sense of self, the desire to see and experience new things, and a lack of sympathy towards societies beliefs and thought processes are all aspects of being a punk.

The only way to completely understand it is to go to a show and get in the pit. You will see people from all walks of life, dancing, singing and crowd surfing. It is here that you can see punks in their most natural state. Its also where you can see punks at their best because when someone does a stage dive, everyone holds them up, if someone falls down, everyone helps them up, if someone gets hurt, everyone helps them out.

So in a sense, punk is about individualism and nonconformity, but at the same time, its about helping others and making the world a better place. It is in this way that the idea of being punk becomes a contradiction.
I wanted to get a better understanding of what punk was, so I went to go see (insert a random punk band here). I didn't intend on going into the pit, but I did, and now I understand.
by NYRebel July 10, 2008

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