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- A common Indian last name, like Smith or Jones

- Theres a 95% chance the Patel you know is rich, if he isn't he owns a shop or a subway - Indians are the wealthiest group of people in America, they have a median income $20,000 higher than the median white income

- Almost always ridiculously smart

- Might own a motel
Look there goes another Dr Patel in his Bentley
#patel #indian #india #minority #smith
by NYCMAN October 21, 2009
Pants jazz is when you rip fart after fart in your pants.....which creates a music tone....
Got a little pants jazz for ya...hope it don't stink...
#farts #smelly #rip a nasty #cut one #stinky
by Nycman June 13, 2014
Taking a huge shit...remember when you were a kid standing in corner holding on to the coffee table, looking around as you shit in to your diaper.. That's going big boy... Your mom use to say" that's my big boy"..
There's my baby going big boy
#poop #shit #crap #stool #do do
by Nycman June 12, 2014
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