1 definition by NYC, CALI, DC, ATL, MD, NJ

A word blacks and latinos call pretty/ attractive {dark} {skinned} girls.
{morrrr -ay- n- ah} takin from the spanish language

megan good
gabriell union
any gurl wit chocolate skin color that look exceptionally good
tiffany "in the house"
bodicua spanis word for puerto rican
red bone
black girl/ MAN that is really light skin
yellow bone
a black girl/ MAN that is brown skin
a gurl who is not attractive cannot qualiffy to be morena sorry!morena is strictly for dem sexy fly dark skinned gurls
-she's a beutiful darkskinned girl she's a morena.
which one look better the redbone-light person- or that morena- dark GURL-
by NYC, CALI, DC, ATL, MD, NJ March 01, 2007

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