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Function: noun and adjective
Pronunciation: \'Bō sē\ plural \'Bō sēs\

A colloquialism that took form in upstate New York based on the Acronym "Board of Cooperative Educational Services". B.O.C.E.S.


the Acronym is roughly used as a synonym like "cripple" or "retard" Boce or Boces and is often mixed Boce+Retard for the popular "bO-tard";

The words are used as slang, taking the place of Retard, Idiot, Dumb-ass, Dumby and even just as a description for someone with any general physical handicap.
Only a Boce could fail that test

There are too many loud ugly Boces here to have a good time.

You fell off your bike like a bO-tard!

you wont be running because your Boce ass is in crutches!
by NY person February 14, 2009

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