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A girl with a 5 year old smile with a amazon frame who pays her own mother to do her hair.
Beyonce and Jay-Z and the new Ike and tina Turner Couple of the 21st century
by NY Minute September 12, 2004
An Over-priced copy of the chevy Tahoe , Avalanche and Suburban. Stupid people want an over-priced ESCALADE.
Example: Tahoe base price 30k , Escalade 55g
Avalanche 25g , Escalade EXT 52g
by NY Minute September 11, 2004
A supposed woman that has man features but is known for her male like Booty. MANASS also describes a woman with Muscle man like ass shape which may resemble Male Ass
Showgirls: She got a nice set of titties....oh wait....hell no look at the Manass on that Ho Cake.
by NY Minute September 11, 2004
A Fat Pilsbury Chick with ho tendencies. The type of woman that will have a piece of Cake in her hand and be on top on her male counterpart.
Look at that chick eating up all that food at the all you can eat bar......shes such a Ho Cake
by NY Minute September 11, 2004

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