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Lying While Democrat LWD:

The state of lying being an impeachable offense, if, and only if, the liar is a member of the Democratic Party, as determined by the Imperial Terrorpublicans. Dire economic matters and *grave* matters of national security affecting the taxpaying, soldier-burying public are not applicable under this designation; further, AWOL shirkers, drunks, cocaine addicts and their previous arrest records are exempt. Lying While Democratic LWD applies uniquely to the impeachable offense of non-public concerns between two consenting adults.
George W. Bush's 300-plus documented lies aided by Rumsfeld, Rice, Cheney, and Gonzales as the basis for the run-up to war and as the reason for the subsequent hundreds of billions of dollars in appropriations awarded noncompetitively to proven price-gouging profiteers and mercenaries accountable to no one are not impeachable offenses, but Bill Clinton's lie was?
Q: Why? A: LWD.
by NOV2008 November 03, 2007

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