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4 definitions by NOLA PatSmear

This is the Unofficial name change to Mardi Gras by the locals of New Orleans. This happened when the Saints Won the Superbowl for the first time in 43 years.
Ya herd da news!? We are going to have a Lombardi Gras!!!!
by NOLA Patsmear February 08, 2010
What a crack head that holds a handful of change (usually pennies) asks for when he wants to use a vending machine.
Say man, I'm Hungry, you got a paper dollar!?
by NOLA PatSmear February 03, 2010
When a straight married man has a wandering eye for another man.
See, you think they are happily married, but I heard he has a Gayzy eye.
by NOLA Patsmear March 03, 2013
What the people of New Orleans say when they want two Saints Superbowl wins back to back.

It comes from the term that is Chanted at the games, Who Dat, as in Who Dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints.
hey can we get a Two Dat?

Who Dat?!
by NOLA Patsmear December 04, 2010