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1. a complete queer
2. a person who completely sucks at QB
3. small penis
1. Dude, Look at the CLINARD over there!!
Whoa. Looks like a little MJ.

2. This is the worste QB ever, if i could say CLINARD i would.

3. HAHA. Your penis is like CLINARDS.
by NMckown December 01, 2006
-very sexy -ladies/mans man -everyone wants a piece of that -nice booty -likes booty, but not from girls.
Natalie- i wanna a piece of that stud..hes like whoa..sexy
Suzie-damn straight
Jakeob-uhh. shut up guys..hes like a kellogg.so that means hes mine..
lewie-uhh..we are over? bitch.
by NMckown December 03, 2006
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