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She stalks me lots. Her creativity level is really high, I mean she thought of calling me J-Tab after I'd been calling her D-Tab for a day or so. She also has a thing about wanting to blow me. Always has annoyingly long nicknames, She is a nerd magnet.
<@PG-GiRlz|denean-iheartmb> NMO
<@PG-GiRlz|denean-iheartmb> im gunna call you j-tab
<@NMO> Whatever D-tab, must have had the creative processes going when you thought of that one.
by NMO December 28, 2004
1. NMO.
2. Add a .net
3. I am not secrerly in love with Canadian chicks.
4. It is a combination of three words I continued to repeat when I had ran at high speed into a brick wall on a bike and gave myself a concussion.
by NMO January 02, 2005

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