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A school in Socorro known for lack of girls, high nerd rate, frequency of masturbation, and for its total awesomeness.
I'm going to Tech!

Tech suscks.
You're not smart enough to go to Tech! You can't even spell "sucks."

Tech is awesome.
by NM Rox March 12, 2005
A small town in South-Central New Mexico, home of New Mexico Tech and thus with the largest nerd-to-normal ratio in the US. Known for lack of external stimuli (boring as all hell).
I live in Socorro!
I'm sorry!
by NM Rox March 12, 2005
New Mexico's state question, referring to red or green chile, or both, which is called christmas
(Restaurant Patron):I'll have the Nachos Grande.
(Waitperson): Red or Green?
by NM Rox March 12, 2005
A girl who would score no more than a 3 on the 10-scale, yet appears a 10 to a Tech student due to a phenomenon known as Tech Goggles or Riddle Vision
Man, that chick is ugly.

No way man, she's a tech 10!
by NM Rox March 15, 2005
used only in New Mexico, WHICH ROCKS.
Means getting both red AND green chile on your food 'cause you're a total badass for living in NM
Red or Green?

Dude, hook it up with the christmas!
by NM Rox March 12, 2005
Also afflicts students at New Mexico Tech. Similar to Riddle Vision.
(Tech Student) Damn! That chick is HOT!

(NMSU Student) I think that's a horse...
by NM Rox March 15, 2005
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