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5 definitions by NLU

bigotry = intolerance
his bigotry is latent.
by NLU September 07, 2005
173 93
bruta means dumb in spanish. it's said to a female, otherwise, it would be bruto for a male.
tu eres tan bruta!
you are so dumb!
by NLU September 09, 2005
27 15
this is a common expression for next morning reaction to a one night stand laying just beside you.
obvious statement; you find some stranger in your bed, and what's the first thing you ask? "who are you?"
by NLU September 07, 2005
8 8
adverb. to state a condition/circumstance/setting which denotes a foolish state.
my world is based on foolishness.
by NLU September 07, 2005
3 4
A road soda is your best aid if you're thirsty, sleepy, hungry or bored.
I'm so thirsty! We've been like driving for five hours... Ahh... We just need some road sodas.
by NLU September 07, 2005
6 48