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When a "woman" covers her genitalia with a food product (whipped cream) and someone (preferrably male) goes down on her to only find a "banana in his icecream sundae".
"She looked smokin hot, but to end a long story short, I sure got a pickle surprise."
by NJ Pelli February 14, 2007
When a sexual partner is fisting the other partner in the anus, and fecal matter, or more appropriately, "fudge" is left on the knuckles of the fister.
"I don't much care for fisting Lucy because I always get fudge knuckled."
by NJ Pelli September 26, 2006
Used as the abbreviation for fucked-up-beyond-all-recognition. Often used in times of either triumph to explain the damage they have done, or loss for the damage done to them.
"Oh, man! That skater totally got fubarred when he fell off that rail!"
by NJ Pelli September 26, 2006

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