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this word means simply a buddist monk goin to iraq to to take ova the womans jobs in the home for the men
tell the azinmonkhouse to do the cleaning and cooking
by NISH April 13, 2004
cheeky mo fo who posts on spotlight!

cham mon! Touche!

Heee Hee
by nish February 09, 2004
A hilarious girl, who loves T.I. SO much....(obsession lol). Shes crazyy funn, outgoing and goes with the flow. Shes not THAT mean but her poor speakers died and she gives papercuts. She likes to follow guys on the skytrain and says "Holla at ur girl" Shes gangster to the max. she has an accent and says "its unbeliewable how wiwes use winegar". Mohobattien makes her sad. She's single,looking and likes long walks on the beach holla at her;) LOL!!
"You cried watching mohobattein? omg ur such a Soraya!"

"Hey its T.I.'s Girl....she's a soraya!"(I kno u like that one lol)
by Nish April 02, 2005
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