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4 definitions by NIN

Nindustries is a world wide shop for the internet-game (RPG) RuneScape, made by jagex.
OF course Nindustries is not so legal so the shop have to be secured, so i dont gove teh adress.
Nindustries sells all kind of acount on ALL lvls.
shop, nindustries, NIN, runescape, RPG
by Nin March 31, 2006
2 2
It's a Runescape player.
He's one of the many hacked acounts of NINDUSTRIES.
Now Nindustries is rich they dont longer use this acount.
pieter239, Nindustries(RUnescape-shop), Runescape
by Nin March 31, 2006
3 6
being a mother fucker slang like snop doggg
sha nene best be a strait ass mofucker
by NIN July 01, 2003
14 17
A superb quaile hunter
dick cheney is the master of quaile
by NiN March 11, 2006
29 35