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The act of being an enormously obese woman and taking what you believe to be a shit on the toilet, only to be surprised when a baby comes out.
Hey you know that fat bitch Kathryn in our home econ class? The one with acne and a lisp? Her walrus of a mom thought she was taking a dump when a baby came out... fuckin classic case of birth of a hero.
by NGRconCARNE June 18, 2009
When a male obtains an erection, then carefully pours hot wax down his urethra (pee hole). He must maintain an erection until the wax dries, then he slams his erect, wax penis into the anus of another man so hard, that it shatters the wax, making it impossibly painful to pull the erect penis back out of the anus. Chinese Dick Trap.
So I just watched Indian Jones 4: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and it was worse than getting a Chinese Dick Trap. And global warming is a scare tactic made up by the liberal media.
by NGRconCARNE June 18, 2009
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