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ridiculously good looking person;there are not words to really desribe all the traits of a mak.
mak's are the only ones for us!
by ng April 11, 2005
The aching discomfort from fully aroused female genitals that have suffered deprivation of sexual release.
Men get blue balls and women get blue lips.
by NG September 11, 2003
To apply the feces from one's ass to your own or another persons upper lip.
I stuck my finger in Sally's ass and wiped the poo on her upper lip. Now she looks like Hitler.
by nG March 23, 2003
Dude, wise up. It's peanut butter and a slice of orange on a triscuit, not a saltine.
by ng March 31, 2003
A full-on frump. Syn.: Nerd. Also known as an Ethel or Morris Frumpkin.
He/she is an utter frumpkin.
by Ng August 04, 2003
The driver in front of you stops well short of the vehicle in front of him/her in any traffic queue. You stop at a normal distance. The driver ahead then 'creeps' his/her vehicle forward, leaving you looking silly with a big gap in front of your own vehicle. The driver ahead is a creep.
Look at that creep in front of us.
by NG December 28, 2004
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