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Coming from Coral Spring FL in 1997 with there CD its all about the girls" NFG (new found glory) really got fans attention with there CD “Nothing gold can stay”. In that CD was one of there many hits “hit or miss”. Signed with multiple labels such as Drive thru, Geffen, Fiddler, MCA and Drummerboy it’s easy to see why NFG went platinum multiple times. They are going on there 11 year together and are still putting CDs out. They have been named everything from emo to pop-punk to hardcore to easycore although they must be label they say they don’t liked to be, they just what to play music for there fans and don’t care what kind it is.

P.S for all you non-NFG fans you can suck my NEW FOUND GLORY loving dick!!!!
PERSON 1- You got to get that New Found Glory cd that’s coming out in 3/18/08?
PERSON 2- I should smash you for even asking that! Occurs I am you dumb shit.
by NFGzimm February 12, 2008

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