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Noun - Choking the chicken. Masturbating (masculine).
I can't believe that clownpunching wasn't defined!

example: Did you see Cory the other day? Man, what a clownpuncher (present tense proper)

example 2: Kevin was clownpunching in the gym locker room!
by NE14A69noone November 13, 2011
Phrase to define what you see when you inspect the undercarriage of a Floridan cityhoe with a short skirt and no panties. You've obviously assumed at this point that she has had some darkies in that little pink snatch AEB telling her this and then ripping her shirt off and slapping her in the face with seemingly no effort as if you have done this a hundred times prior.
Cop: Looks like you got some nicegoodies here, aint ya cityhoe? I bet you have had some darkies in that little pink snatch of yours haven't ya!?

Cityhoe: I bet you have seen more pricks than a porcupine.
by NE14A69noone November 13, 2011
verb - pronounced ~ wyf-beet-err-ing,

The act of wearing a wifebeater tanktop when you have another shirt but it is too hot to wear it.
Shannon took off her sweater and was wifebeatering around the office because she was hot.

Office Worker 1: Wifebeatering is not allowed in our office Shannon!

Shannon: Why not? I was hot and now that I have wifebeatered (past tense) I am cooler.
by NE14A69noone November 13, 2011

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