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A smelly turd which floats in the crapper and is virtually unsinkable.
Having consumed many beers, Al thought that he would finally be able to "piss sink" the Stinkable Molly Brown that he had left floating in the crapper earlier that day, but to no avail.

After three flushes the Stinkable Molly Brown still stayed afloat.

Having tried in vain to sink the Stinkable Molly Brown, he was left no choice but to surgically remove it from the crapper with forsips.
by NCKnobster March 11, 2011
A person who has an insatiable desire to send words and their definitions to the Urban Dictionary web site.
That fuckin' Norton is a urbaholic!

He was admitted to the the half way house because he was an urbaholic.
Don and Gerard were worried about their friend because he was a cronic urbaholic.
by NCKnobster February 24, 2011
One of the five basic turd colors, often mis-spelled "Sweet Potatoe Orange". This is the most common turd color varying in consistency depending on one diet. A Sweet Potato Orange is concidered to be a "healthy" turd, with the proper amount of bile to move smoothly through ones digestive tract, leaving little remnants on ones poop shoot.
Gerard felt like a million bucks, having just unloaded a humungous Sweet Potato Orange.

The house was permeated with the stench of his Sweet Potato Orange.

Having consumed carrots, acorn squash and pumpkin pie, he was sure he'd be blessed withg a Sweet Potato Orange the following morning.

Also see, Mid-Night Brown, Jet Black, Jungle Green and Ruttabaga Red
by NCKnobster March 08, 2011
The small bumps found in the areola area of the nipple.
While driving around naked, Gerard and Elmer counted the nippola bumps on Beth's tits.

They were surprised to see that Gerard had more nippola bumps than Beth!

After discovering that one of Gerard's nippola bumps was a zit, they realized that he had exactly the same amount as Beth. This was cause for great celebration!
by NCKnobster March 17, 2011
A woman who thinks her shit doesn't stink. One that thinks she's above all else. Generally the woman is a bitch that tries to control everything and everybody; most assuredly any male that is unfortunate enough to hook up with the bitch. They must be the center of attention, are extremely jealous of their mates friends and will go to all ends to sabatogue any good friendship that they may have. They tend to think they are "hot" (in their own mind) when in fact they are nothing more than average looking, wearing too much make-up, fake tits, store bought fingernails and gaudy clothes.
I feel sorry for Andy because, whether he knows it or not, his wife Cheryl is a premadonna.

Carlton's wife is a premadonna and has him by the balls.

Claire thinks she's a premadonna but is nothing more than a Beverly Hillbilly.
by NCKnobster April 03, 2011
The skillful art of sinking a turd which is floating in the crapper. Generally, heavy beer drinkers have been known to excel in this craft. This is due to their massive urine flow which greatly contributes to the destruction of the Stinkable Molly Brown. Not all heavy beer drinkers can master this fine art, as ninety-eight percent of heavy beer drinkers cannot maintain the concentration needed to effectively aim.
Being able to drink un-humanly amounts of lager, pilsner and stout, Arneson was internationally know for his ability to piss sink the biggest Stinkable Molly Brown.

I can think of only one time that he couldn't piss sink a turd. But then again, it was a Jungle Green which resembled a lilly pad and not a Stinkable Molly Brown.
by NCKnobster March 28, 2011
shit spray (skid marks) on the underside of a toilet seat left by a volatile bout of the squirts
Having just blown a forceful Jet Black, Gerdy was sure he had created a lid skid.

When Steve lifted the toilet seat to take a beer leak, to his dismay, it was covered in lid skid.

Unfortunately, Arlene hadn't remembered to clean the lid skid before the company arrived.
by NCKnobster March 31, 2011

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