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When you a guy presses his butt cheeks against a window and his balls dangle profusely! especially bad if a ball and butt print is left on the window or the guy wasn't aware he was a dangler.
Danny just moon roosted us and left his ass and ball print on my clean windows.
by Naw August 11, 2014
When you hum lightly and put your face right inbetween a fat girl's tits and shake your head vigorously side-to-side, keeping your lips and cheeks loose so they flop around and make an audible sound.
This act can also be performed on well-endowed thin women.
My god, that fat chick is busting out of her tank top both above and below! You think she'd slap me if I went over and gave her an angry polar bear?
by NAW November 24, 2006
(v) pronounced (shon-tay).
The act of instigating a plan involving another person, but failing to follow through or notify the other person that you weren't coming.
The important difference between a chante and a flake is that to chante a person implies that you were the one that extended the invitation, and then subsequently bailed on the plan.
Although I havent heard the term used commonly outside of Washington, it seems to be gaining popularity over the last year.
Jason: So I heard Sarah asked you to the concert last night. Did you go?
Nick: No, she totally chanted me! Not even a courtesy call the next day to apologize or explain why she didnt call.
by NAW November 27, 2006

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