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futuristc metal, usually has an industrial sound, Usually very shitty. Or just metal that sounds really stupid and/or the band looks stupidly ridiculous.
While attending a fu metal show you might see big ass pants and/or hot topic bondage pants. Damageplan shirts. 12 year olds. Shitty push moshing, ugly people, high socks, ponytails, acid washed jeans with zebra stripes, beer guts, long ass goatees. Anythign that that is associated with heavy music and looks and/or sounds very faggish is fu metal.
you will for sure know when you spot fu metal cuz you will laugh your ass off.

Fu metal is post nu metal. After nu metal comes fu metal. or Faggish nu metal is fu metal.
Daaamn did you go see static x? they are fu metal as fuck.

That gayass kid in the damageplan shirt and wide ass jeans is fu metal.
by NAILSHITTER June 29, 2006

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