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When a mans wiener is stroked through his pants, slacks or trousers which ends in an ejaculation WITHOUT the wiener ever being removed from ones pants nor having direct contact with the women’s hand, mouth or vagina. This can occur in may different scenarios;

1) Having no stamina.

2) Strip club private dance encounters

3) Not having blown a load for a long time.

4) Extended periods of dry humping or heavy petting
Example 1:
Nate: Oh wow, that was quick!
Jen: Yeah, I didnt think I was going to be Pants Blasting you tonight.

Nate: There is always tomorrow
Jen: See you at 6:45
Nate: yup

Example 2:
(at strip club)
Keith: Hey, lets get out of here.
Jen: Why you in such a hurry? How was ur birthday lap dance?
Keith: $20 totally well spent!!
Jen: Really? I didnt think a 1 song dance did much for you?
Keith: When a Pants Blasting occures it doesnt matter how long the song is. Now lets go home so I can change my pants.

Example 3:
Mike: Dude, Sarah is such a sassypants!

Al: Trust me man, I know this already...
Mike: How do you know? Im going out with her tomorrow
Al: She totally gave me a Pants Blasting at the club last night.
Mike: Nice, I hope she is ready for another!
by N8URFACE August 20, 2010
When a man is feeling down in the dumps and at the same time feels that if he could get at minimum a hand job that it will help make him feel better. Normally after he breaks up with his girl and he confides in a female friend for a shoulder to lean on and hopefully for an additional stress relieving HJ.
Nate: Hey Curtis, I just broke up with Holly today. I'm not my same old self right now.

Curtis: Know what you need man, a Hug and Tug. Why dont you give Molly a call. Shes a good friend of yours and shes always down for a little wacktion.

Nate: Hell yeah man, Im calling her ass right now!
by N8URFACE March 26, 2010
The art of a women wacking off a man in the past tense.
Kurt: Sup man, you didnt get home till like 5am this morning. What happened with you and Magie last night??

Nate: Not much man, just watched some TV and thats it.

Kurt: Come on dude, you had to have gotten something. Shes not a prude.

Nate: Fine, I just got a little wacktion last night. Nothing to write home to the parents about.
by N8URFACE March 26, 2010

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